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Uploaded By: ZachBahner. Added on: 24 July 2012.
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Welcome to the Zach Bahner Football Channel, brought to you by the team at This is the first episode of many covering all things fantasy football and NFL Draft related. Subscribe to keep up to date on all our videos.

Today I briefly give you a glimpse of what to expect from this channel.

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This is a Timeless Production.
Special thanks to A Common Year for allowing us to use their music.
Looks pretty professional Zach and sounds interesting
2067 days ago
Awesome! I'm sure I'll put some stuff up from time to time. Thanks for checking out the video.
2068 days ago
also any guest articles you want to throw up , please do Zach!! there is a Write Blog tab in your profile - cant miss it
2068 days ago
Finally someone using the videos like I envision!!!!! I Approve Of This Video! Hope to see more from you , and maybe a nice shoutout to your friendly neighborhood iCons!
2068 days ago