Rookie Values

After Trent Richardson , what other rookies will matter - Blackmon is off in QB purgatory , Martin a mini rice? But is he getting overvalued a bit?
Discussion started by iConJoe , on 1975 days ago
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Wilson fumbled a TON at VT. Tom Coughlin hates a RB that can't hold onto the ball and that why Bradshaw was benched early in his career and I think Wilson could have some trouble seeing the field all that much, I would only draft him strictly as a handcuff.
1932 days ago
There are some rumors that D.J. Ward is outperforming Wilson right now. That's pretty disappointing. I still think Wilson will have more carries, but I actually think Ware will not make an impact. He's not a terrible running back. I think both will need a Bradshaw injury to even come close to a starting spot in regular re-draft leagues.
1932 days ago
If A.Bradshaw can't stay healthy with his banged up feet David Wilson could be a nice rookie pick.Of course you will need to monitor this through training camp to see if he can pick up the system and the blitz.If you can't block as a rb you will not be on the field on passing downs.
1932 days ago
I hope so with ballard, just picked him up in the last round of a rookie draft in my dynasty! Great value I thought for what he could represent in indy pretty soon.
1947 days ago
At running back I would say Vick Ballard and Doug Martin will both be productive. I also like Robert Turbin to get some playing time when Seattle realizes their mistake by paying Marshawn Lynch when he slacks off. Martin is probably the only one of those three worthy of a draft pick in redraft leagues. The others are waiver wire pickups unless you handcuff them. I'm still leery of any rookie receiver, but I think Stephen Hill and Michael Floyd will have some good weeks. At tight end Coby Fleener will be starter quality. I think RG3 will be the rookie quarterback to have the best production for rookies.
1948 days ago
Quick was a popular pick in my dynasty league -- Nick Toon getting some love cuz of being on the Saints - I grabbed him in my dynasty league for the future- Marvin Jones intriguing since he will be on equal footing with Sanu going into Camp - and there will be a chance for playing time -- but not a ton of upside with Aj Green 1st Gresham 2nd Shipley heallthy and in the slot 3rd
1972 days ago
Brian Quick. Rams took him with the first pick in the second round. Seems the be the best deep threat they have. Amedola comes back but he will be in the slot. Rams need to give Bradford a weapon. His 40 time of 4.55 isn't impressive but he is 6 foot 4 and has a great vertical. Id say he is worth a late round flyer after Floyd, and Blackmon especially if you went RB heavy with 3 of your first 4 picks. Lets just wait and see some preseason, but Quick could be the WR that Bradford and the Rams need.
1972 days ago