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I Do NOT care if she is holding the wrong type of Football -- she deserves our Hottie of The Week Award!
iCon Fantasy Hotties Of The Week - Every Friday!!
Not gonna Lie -- very true!
haha so true - poor psu grads
how I felt about my rosters with Charles last year!
this  would be the kind of stuff I can get! If we get some people interested I can start bringing in all sorts of awesome stuff and setup memorabilia leagues!
2 EZ Tony!!
Make your summer iConic and play #fantasyfootball on iCon Sports!
Where are you drafting Ray Rice right now? Does Pitta going down hurt or help his fantasy value?
Will AP be the number 1 #fantasyfootball RB at the end of the year, or will Doug Martin or someone else emerge?
Qb is the deepest position in #fantasyfootball. Will you still be rushing to get Brees or Rodgers this year when you can just wait and get someone like Cam Newton?<br /><br />iCon Joe wants to know!
Where are you guys drafting Gronk right now? I have been picking him up in round 5.. good idea?
Is Tom Brady the most underrated QB in #fantasyfootball this year?