The importance of Mock Drafts

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Players have been asking me whether or not I think Mock Drafts are worth the time and if so, why??
The answer is an emphatic YES!! I think Mocks are worth your time and in fact, I believe they are one of the most valuable assets  you will find to helping you have an incredibly successful draft. 


Not sure how many of you are familiar with the old board game concentration? It had like 20 pieces of various shapes and sizes and a board you inserted them into. Now the obvious object of the game was to insert all the correct pieces in the right place before the time expired. (Sound Familiar?) Now, the first time you tried this you did not do well because you were NOT familiar with the board or pieces and how they fit.

Each time after though, as you become more and more familiar with the Pieces and board your scores dramatically improved.

Drafts are no different! Mock Drafts suit the same purpose!!
Not only do they get you used to the Draft room and site, but most importantly, they get you used to where players will go so you know exactly who to target where. This allows you to get the most value out of every pick.

Never walk blindly into a draftroom!! ESPECIALLY IF THERE IS MONEY ON THE LINE!! If you want to play with the big boys you need to do your homework and put in the time. Just like they do!! I do not care if you had a list prior to draft of exactly where every player will finish at years end, you still have to know where to take these guys and who will be going where in order to put the right combination together to win. the ONLY way to do that is by Mock Draft after Mock Draft!

You cannot trust ADPs. Every site is different and so are player values. There could be a full 2 rounds difference from one site to another and, you need to know who those players are in order to make the picks pay.

This pertains to the Daily Sites as well. Just don't jump into a $20 Snake your first Draft of the week. Do at least one cheapy to test the player values that week.

When it comes to Drafting always think Boy Scout Motto!! " Always be prepared!"

To all you players that use software to assist you, please do not be the guy that waits til 10 minutes before his draft starts to even open it!! If you spent the money on it at least put in some time to learn how to properly use it. Don't think you are going to spend $30 on a program, open it, and 10 minutes later it is going to win you thousands. You need to spend the time and learn how to manipulate the data to produce the best results! Again, the only way to do that is through Mock, after Mock, After Mock.

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