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  • At least we are undefeated in the SEC!!!
    profile 1630 days ago
  • Well Kyle....leave the 3 goggles in Lexington and have a good one.
    profile 1692 days ago
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  • To all so called "fans" of Kentucky. If you feel like you could coach this team....you're wrong. If you feel like this team isn't last years team....it's because it's not. If you feel like you have better things to do then watch it....then feel free to not watch it. This team is very young, and will improve as the year goes on. We have talent and a great coach. So either get on the bandwagon or get the hell off of it.
    profile 1903 days ago
  • Like the way the young Cats played last night. They played a team that has been together for a while in their 2nd game of the season. 2nd GAME!!! UK will be just fine once Cal gets them coached up. No worries from this UK fan. Oh and to you people flapping those lips about UK being "overrated"... At this moment you are right, but let's see you run that mouth in March. Stay classy haters...stay classy.
    profile 1920 days ago
  • GAMEDAY! I keep getting this sudden urge to kill some turtles.
    profile 1924 days ago
  • Wait.... So it's not raining fire balls this morning?? By the looks of Facebook I could have swore we elected Satan last night.
    profile 1926 days ago
  • Says we could get some snow tonight. As a school employee......PLEASE!!!!!
    profile 1934 days ago
  • At 18 I couldn't wait to drive around and waste gas. At 21 I couldn't wait to go out and party. At 28 I can't wait to go home and watch tv.
    profile 1939 days ago
  • 1 more win and the Boyd County Boys Soccer make the state tourney. Beat #1 and #2 seed to get there. Proud of our boys and how hard they worked. Glad to see Mercer County made it as well. Good luck to them.
    profile 1945 days ago
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  • Guy in front of me at store buys $40 in scratch off lotto tickets and a carton of Marlboro cigs. Only problem is that he just used his food stamps to buy something to drink. You're welcome buddy.
    profile 1980 days ago

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