What are Dynasty Leagues?

A dynasty style league is a long term league where you retain all your players from year to year.  They are for hard-core players who want to ramp up their level of competition and stay tuned to fantasy football throughout the entire year. There is a greater sense of management responsibility in these types of leagues because you must draft, groom, and develop a roster that can withstand the test of time and truly become a 'dynasty.'

A dynasty league is also more active when it comes to trades, including trading of draft picks and younger prospects. The overall experience is much more intense and gratifiying for those who are looking for a little something extra.

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1. Overview

iCon Sports hosts new dynasty leagues every year. We are one of the only sites that offer public, commercial dynasty leagues.

We offer two types different price points: $50 and $100

We hold a deposit that is half the cost of your year 1 entry so that it will make it easier to find owners for orphaned squads. Deposits are not refundable unless we can sell your squad at full price + deposit.

2. Entry Fees and Deposits

Entry $50 + $25 deposit
12 man 1st $300 2nd $100
10 man 1st $250 2nd $85

Entry $100 + $50 deposit
12 man 1st $600 2nd $300
10 man 1st $550 2nd $200

All Fantasy Contests are games of skill and expertise.

All payouts are guaranteed during the 1st week of January!

LEAGUE DUES: For subsequent years league dues must be collected no later than July 1st of the following year.

All players MUST be paid by this date. Players that are not paid in full by this date will lose their team and a new owner will replace them.

3. Regular Season & Playoffs

The iCon Sports dynasty league setup consists of 1 division holding all 12 teams.

The regular season is 14 weeks long and starts with NFL week 1 and ends with NFL week 14.

  • The iCon Sports league setup consists of 1 division holding all teams
  • The regular season is 14 weeks long and ENDS with NFL week 14
  • Playoffs are a 2 weeks long and are single elimination  
  • Playoffs start in week 15
  • Only 4 teams make the playoffs

The 4 playoff teams are determined as follows:

  • Seed 1 - Best record in the league
  • Seed 2 - Second best record
  • Seed 3 - First qualifier in points that does not have one of the top 2 records
  • Seed 4 - Second qualifier in points that does not have one of the top 2 records

Seed 1 and seed 2 Tie Breakers will be determined by: YTD Points and then H2H record and then H2H Points in that order. If top 2 are still tied after that we will go to a coin flip to determine 1st seed.

Seed 3 and seed 4 Tie Breakers will be determined H2H record first and then H2H points in that order. If seeds 3 and 4 are still tied after that we will go to a coin flip.

If there is a tie between  and seed 4 and any other teams in the league lower than seed 4. We will use H2H record as the first tie breaker and then H2H points. If there are any ties still after that we will go to a coin flip.

Playoffs: Occur in NFL weeks 15 and 16

  • NFL week 14 marks the end of the regular season and also marks the end of all the regular season.
  • Our league playoffs  start NFL Week 15 and end with the conclusion of NFL week 16. Our playoffs are single elimination h2h games. Losing any game eliminates you from the playoffs.
  • The #1 ranked team will play the #4 ranked team
  • The #2 ranked team will play the #3 ranked team
  • The winner of each game advances to the championship game. The winner of the NFL week 16 championship game will be crowned 1st place and the loser will be crowned 2nd place.
  • All Payouts will then apply as stated according to each different buy in level (Above).
  • The end of NFL week 16`s games will mark the end of this contest
  • NFL Week 17 will not factor in to this league in any way shape or form.

In case of tie game in the playoffs we will use QB scores. The team with the higher QB score will win the game. In event that QBs are tied we will use COMBINED Running back scores. Highest combined RB scores will win the tie breaker. In event that it is still tied, we will do a coin flip.

4. Year 1 Draft & Rookie/FA Drafts

Year 1 Draft may be a live or a slow draft
live drafts are 2 minutes per pick, Slow drafts are 8 hours per pick.
We stop the clock for slow drafts every night and we will restart the clock the following morning.

Year 1 draft is 22 rounds

Rookie/FA Draft is always a slow draft.
Rosters will increase by 4 for two years and cap at 30 in year 3.

Picks 1-8 will be done in reverse order of standings finish from the year before. Last place in the standings gets first pick the following year, 11th place gets 2nd etc.

There will be no tanking for better draft picks allowed in these leagues, if caught tanking you will face league sanctions that can result in loss of future picks or expulsion from the league. Sanctions are at the discretion of iCon Sports and solely iCon Sports.

Picks 9-12 will be done in reverse order of playoff finish. League champions gets 12th pick, 2nd place gets 11th pick etc.

The rookie/fa draft is done in REPEATING order. The person with first pick in round 1 also has 1st pick in rounds 2-4

Rookie Draft Date: 8/1 of each year. ALL Rookie/FA drafts will start on August 1st of each year. All rookie drafts will be slow drafts with 8 hour timers. Clocks will be stopped over night. Draft pick trades are allowed in rookie drafts and will be reviewed by the commish for fairness.

NOTE: Please double check your rosters and make sure you have enough roster spots available for draft picks that you have. Roster caps at 26 for year 2 and 30 for year 3. Make the necessary cuts before the draft if necessary. If you do not want to cut anyone you may forfeit draft picks starting from your last overall pick and moving up.

Only players, who are on an NFL roster at the time of the draft, may be drafted.

5. Roster / Lineup Submission:

Team rosters are comprised of 22(26 in year 2 and 30 in year 3) players. There is no limit on how many players at each position you may have, however, your starting weekly lineup and weekly optimized scoring will consist of the following:

- 1 Quarterback

- 2 Running Backs

- 3 Wide Receivers

- 1 Tight End

- 1 Flex (RB,WR,TE)

- 1 Kicker

- 1 Defense / Special Teams unit

10 total starting players

22 man year 1 roster
26 man year 2 roster
30 man year 3 roster

Roster Caps at 30 - Once we reach year 4 rookie draft you will have to cut 4 players a year to make room for our rookie draft. You will only be allowed to forfeit 1 draft pick each year should you not want to make 4 cuts. Your forfeited draft pick will be your last overall selection. This only applies once rosters reach 30 in the year 4 rookie draft. This is done to always keep the FA wire as a big part of the league.

6. Injured Reserve

There are 2 IR positions that are available to use each year.
Players listed as OUT can be placed on IR, this will temporarily expand your roster to accommodate for your injured player.
To remove a player off IR the system will force you to cut somebody in order to keep a legal roster.

7. Scoring


Passing TD = 4
Rushing TD = 6 .
Receiving TD = 6
Kick Return TD = 6
All 2 point conversions = 2
Completed Receptions = 1
Interceptions thrown =(-2)
Fumbles Lost = (-2)

Yardage (decimal scoring):

Yards passing: 0.05 pt for every 1 yard passing
For reference 20 yards passing = 1

Yards rushing/receiving: 0.10 pt for every 1 yard gained rushing or receiving
For reference 10 yards rushing/ receiving = 1pt

Extra point = 1 pt.
1-34 = 3
35-39 = 3.5 
40-44 = 4
45-49 = 4.5
50 - 54 = 5
55 - 59 = 5.5
60-64  = 6
65 + = 6.5

Sack = 1
Fumble Recovery = 2
Interception = 2
Safety = 2
Shutout = 6
1-6 points allowed = 4
7-13 points allowed = 2
Defensive or Special Teams TD = 6
Fake Kick TD’s = 6
Kick Return, Interception Return and Fumble Return TD’s = 6 

8. Free Agency

Blind Bidding

Each team will receive 1000 dollars in fake monies to spend on free agents for the year

Bidding opens up after gametime on Sunday (1PM Eastern) and lasts until Thursday at 12PM EST, at which time bids will be processed for the week.

After Bidding is processed there is a minimally restricted Add/Drop (first come first served) lasting until GAMETIME Sunday

You are allowed 15 transactions per week - to ensure nobody is abusing add/drop

Ties in bidding are broken on a worst to first basis.

Transactions will last for all teams through week 16.
At the conclusion of week 16 transactions will be turned off until the following years draft. The following years draft will mark the start of the new season and trades will be allowed. Bidding processes will start as stated in the notes below, 12 Noon ET of Preseason week 3. Check Notes Below.

NOTE: we will run two blind bidding processes before the start of the regular season - First will be Thursday 12PM Eastern of Preseason week 3, Second will be the following Thursday 12PM Eastern of Preseason week 4. This will lead up to the regular season where we will then begin our normal waiver setup of bids processed every Thursday at 12PM Eastern and add/drop up until Sunday game time. Bidding for the preseason week 3 bidding group will start on the Sunday prior at 1PM ET.

NOTE: Add/Drop is unrestricted and free agents hold a $1 default salary price tag. It costs a $1 penalty to add players, if you run out of money you will NOT be able to add free agents this year. $0 means your team will be frozen. There will be NO exceptions made.

The free agent system will be a "conditional blind bidding" process every Thursday  through week 14 of the NFL season. Each team will start with 1,000 free agent "dollars" for the season, and will be permitted to bid for free agents on a weekly basis. No team will be informed of any other team's free agent bids until after the winning bids have been awarded. The team with the highest valid bid on any given player will be awarded that player. The amount of the winning bid will be deducted from the winning team's free agent dollars. For each winning bid, the winning team must drop a player to make roster room for the free agent acquisition. If a team's free agent dollars go to zero, that team will no longer be allowed to bid for the rest of the season. No bid will be accepted that is larger than a team's free agent dollars. All bids must be in increments of dollars (no cents). The free agent bidding system is the only means by which free agents may be acquired.

9. Trading

All Dynasty leagues are trade leagues
Trading of draft picks is enabled in dynasty leagues.

Trading of current season draft picks can be done during the drafts and in the off-season after the draft order has been made - Trading of FUTURE picks is allowed for ONE season into the future.

You will have to work out futures trades with your trading partner in email or in the trade comments as we can not include them directly into the trade just yet. We will then keep a record of this in each individual league. Actual trades must always be even in current season traded assets as to remain legal with the roster cap.

If future draft picks are traded the trading partners MUST contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to tell the commish which future picks are changing hands so we can log it. Draft pick trades and future trades will not be processed until the commish is notified. It is on the trading partners to notify the commish of a futures agreement, the commish will not and can not be under the assumption futures are included in a deal because we can not see the trade comments.

If futures are traded during the season you must still notify the Commish and the league so that your league mates can approve/veto the trade with all the proper information.

Trades are turned OFF during the off-season until league dues for the following season are collected.

Trade Review Rules:

NOTE: ALL TRADES MUST BE EQUAL IN PARTS (1-1 2-2 3-3 etc) otherwise it will not be able to be processed by the system.

Trades during the draft will go through a Commissioner approval process, NOT a league vote.

We will send the draft day trade to our trade panel to review for collusion and outlandish inequities.

Trades will never be reviewed for minor inequities, if trades are too lopsided our experienced panel will veto the trade and provide reasoning. It is the job of the commissioner to spot collusion and collusion only, trading is a part of fantasy football and we will act as a safety net in events of clear cheating.

Trades during the season will be held to a league vote, NOT commissioner approval.

4 Yes votes trigger a successful trade and 5 No votes veto a trade

If trade is not passed within 24 hours contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and the commissioner will manually pass it as long as no collusion is evident.

We are experienced in trades and trade values and we will uphold the integrity of these leagues with regard to all the players who want to compete in these leagues without fear of collusion.

Trade Deadline: No Trade Deadline During the 16 week season. However, trades will be OFF in the off-season (week 17 until next years draft)until league dues are collected for the following year so nobody can make trades and then drop out of the league. League dues are to be in no later than July 15th as stated in the rules earlier.

10. Miscellaneous


If you need help or clarification on any rule please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


If no Week One lineup is submitted, the commissioner will determine your starting lineup. After Week One, if no starting lineup is submitted, your starting lineup will be that of the previous week.


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